Impact of COVID-19 on Education:

Stakeholders Adapt to Technology


Buxi Jagabandhu English Medium School has a rich tradition of grooming teachers so that they can face any adverse situation relating to teaching and learning. Contemporary times are making us experience something that we have never experienced before. Though Covid 19 was an unprecedented problem, the culture of invincibility, while imparting academics, moral values and life skills, embedded in the teachers of the school wasn’t. As the students got confined in their homes facing long and unscheduled holidays, teachers started finding novel ways and methods to reach out to their children and stay connected with them.

Artificial intelligence is a part of the curriculum and hence, we determined to switch on to the online mode of educating children right from Lower Nursery to Higher Secondary. However, this being a new concept for teachers, students and parents, a lot of back and forth experimentation is in the process to make it more feasible and adaptable. Imparting online education requires intensive training and acute planning. Under the skillful guidance of the Principal, Ms. Sandhya Jena, the whole process is being minutely monitored by the Vice-Principal, Mrs. Pallabi Mohapatra, the Administrative Supervisors , Mrs.Shibanee Pattnaik and Mr.B.P.Paikaray.

 The process of learning is continuous in nature; hence, the efforts imparted needs to be relentless. What’s app groups were formed for each sections of all the classes to disseminate information and study materials such as pdfs, scanned copy, etc. The virtual classroom and online mode of teaching started from 1st April, 2020 for Std. X and Std.XII and gradually extended to Std. I to Std. IX. For classes L.K.G to STD.7, pdf files of lessons, videos, assignments, worksheets were shared in the group while monitored by the class teachers. Subject teachers are sending video links, showing online videos of activities, putting white boards in front of the camera to explain concepts, etc., making learning easier and interesting. CSPD classes have kept kids engaged too. Videos of dance, art, music and yoga were sent to kids for continuing their physical activities. Even the teachers are participating in online training sessions in regular intervals to upgrade their teaching and personal skills The feedbacks we have received till now show that both the students and teachers are excited about this novel initiative.

We are also getting audio and video feedbacks from parents and students which will be uploaded shortly on the school's website and YouTube channel.

The whole exercise revolves around the development of our kids. But these are testing times as the little yet bursting with energy live wires are caught in a dilemma. There is so much going inside these kids and teenagers and yet, there is almost no release point. They can’t meet their friends, can’t go to visit parks or malls, etc. Hence, keeping a check on kids’ mental health will be a lot more important than their academic excellence in such situation. Hence, very soon, counseling sessions will be conducted by our school counselor for the students of higher classes to provide them a sense of security, confidence and well being. Moreover, it’s a befitting time for the parents to befriend their kids and visit their own childhood. At the end, praying and preaching for a healthier, safe and secure childhood for every young one- “Stay Home, Stay Safe”.


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Raghunath Mishra


BJEM School, Bhubaneswar