About School

Buxi Jagabandhu English Medium School is a synergistic creation of B.J. Education Society, a body of prodigious thinkers, renowned educationists, social activists and philanthropists of BJB Nagar, a well known locality in Bhubaneswar. It has been named after an eminent freedom fighter Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Mohapatra  Bhramarabar Ray of Odisha. 

In the year  1974 on 15th January, the School  took it’s  birth  in an outhouse   in BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar with only 4 (four)  students.  Two eminent personalities having a greater vision   such as  Late Radhamohan Mohanty,  Retd. Bureaucrat  and  Sri Kshirod Kumar Nayak, eminent  Advocate   conceived  the  idea of  establishing  an English Medium School and  this is how the School  came into existence.    To their good fortune, the mother like figure Late Mrs. O. Littilewood  joined  the School as it’s first Teacher-cum-Principal who nourished it on her  lap.  They were assisted   by the   BJB Nagar People’s  Association, in carrying  the mission forward.   After being  managed for couple of years  in  make shift   arrangements,  the School  finally  started  functioning    over the Plot No.M-1, BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar.     At this stage,    The Lions Club,  Bhubaneswar  played an important role in the management of the School. There was no land, no building and no funds, and yet there was a strong and irresistible desire and determination to forge ahead.   The School cannot forget the contribution of  Lion N.R.C. Panikar  in this regard.  Money trickled down from the pockets of  benevolent persons through personal donations and Lions Club, Bhubaneswar took active part in collecting donations and  extended support in managing day-to-day  affairs   of the School.   On  being  requested by  the School  it also  succeeded in getting a piece  of Land  from Govt. of Odisha  for establishing an English Medium School  at Bhubaneswar.   The selfless  service of Lion  N.R.C. Panikar, the then  Secretary  of the Club and Mr. Jagdish Budharaj,  the then President  of the Club in this regard has   not  been forgotten by the Management. In course of  time, with the  increasing demand for enrolment,  the student strength  swelled and new classes were  opened every year.  
It has scaled a greater height in its 50 years of journey and is adjudged as one of the premier Senior Secondary Schools of the city. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

BJEM School is grateful to the Lions Club of Bhubaneswar for its invaluable contributions. The School’s  success is a testament to the club’s vision, commitment and selfless service. The club’s contributions have helped to make BJEM School a success and have made a real difference in the lives of students who attend the school.

Our Motto

The Motto of the School and its guiding principle is "Let learning be a Joy and Teaching a Pleasure".

Mission Statement 

BJEMS’s  Mission is  to  empower students  to achieve not only academic excellence but also display their creative ingenuity and critical thinking skills,  to  imbibe  in them the ‘Art of Living’ and help them contribute  significantly to a value-based  global society. 

We are committed to further our convictions to make our dreams come true. It may sound clichéd, but we believe education is all about refining one's mind and broadening one's horizons. We give our students ample exposure to be self-assertive and introspective. Our unstinting efforts create space to hone their abilities to perfection. To ensure this, we keep ourselves abreast of the everyday changing Teaching - Learning 'Know How'. We offer the young students a stress-free learning ambience to get their hidden talents and creativity well tapped. We progressively strive to make our students well competent and confident to face the global challenges ahead. We do believe learning at ease makes learning long lasting and enjoyable. Academics apart, we render our best care to plant the finest instincts in our students mind and heart so as to make them responsible citizens of tomorrow. It is our never ending endeavour to ready our children to take on the World. This is the way forward... !!