1. The minimum age for admission to Lower Nursery is 3 and half years as on the 31st March of the year of admission to school, The age for the higher classes will be computed correspondingly. 2. Admission is open for boys and girls on the basis of merit and availability of seats. 3. Absence on the appointed date of admission test and interview will mean that the candidate forfeits his or her right for admission. 4. The school reserves the right to admit or reject any student without assigning any reason thereof. The decision of the Principal will be binding and final. 5. English is the medium of communication right from Lower Nursery. Hindi and Oriya are also taught from Upper Nursery onwards. 6. The enrolment form and other necessary papers must be filled in with due care by the Parent/Guardian. The name and date of birth of the student once recorded in the enrolment form and School Admission Register cannot be changed later. An undertaking to this effect will have to be signed with the enrolment form. 

Payment of School Fees
All the fees will be accepted at the Fee Counter as per the dates of payment given below:


Date of the Month

Lower Nursery & Upper Nursery


Standard - I & II


Standard - III & IV 


Standard - V to VI  


Standard - VII to VIII 


Standard - IX & X 


Standard - XI & XII


If the last collection day (without fine) is a Sunday or any gazetted holiday for the Bank, the fees will be collected on the next working day without fine.
All the fees are payable for all the 12 months of the session for all the classes.
5% discount is offered to those who deposit the monthly tuition fee and other charges for the whole year at a time in April.
All the fees are to be paid in cash only. All the tuition fees can be paid on or before 15th of the month without fine.
The defaulters will be charged a fine of Rs.10/- after 15th till the end of the month. They will be charged Rs.20/- if the school fees are paid within the next month and Rs.30/- if paid within two months (see example below for the tuition fees for the month of April). 
On or before 1st to 15th April - No fine
On or before 30th April As. - 10/- (Fine)
On or before 31st May As. - 20/- (Fine)
On or before 30th June As. - 30/- (Fine)
On the 1st of July (after three months), the names of the defaulters will be struck off the rolls.
They will have to pay readmission fee (equal to one month's tuition fee) alongwith arrear dues.
1. The Principal reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of any student who has proved immune to correction. 
2. Application for Transfer Certificate shall be made in writing to the Principal by the parents of the child. Transfer certificate and conduct certificate once issued cannot be issued again by the school authorities. Should these be lost, only the duplicate can be obtained from the school on the following conditions. (a) Application to be made in writing, giving the reasons along with an affidavit.
(b) Application must be signed by the student and countersigned by the parent or guardian.
(c) A scrutiny fee of Rs. 25/- must be paid in cash with the application.
(d) The duplicate certificates can only be issued after 5 days of the receipt of the application.
(e) At the time of taking the Transfer Certificate, all dues of the school must be paid in full for the period during which the pupil's name was on the School Register.
(f) Students who want to take admission elsewhere after the completion of the session, must take the TC on or before 30th April, of the current academic session after depositing the TC fee. In case they want to take the TC after 30th April, they have to deposit the Re-admission fee and the TC fee.
(g) Students who want to take admission elsewhere after the completion of the session, must take T.C. on or before 30th April after depositing the T.C fee. In case they want to take the T.C. after 30th April, they have to deposit the re-admission fee and T.C. fee. However, in the case of detained students having not attended the school for a single day in the new session and desiring to take T.C., the readmission fee may be exempted.
3. The student shall be suspended or expelled from the school on the following grounds:
(a) Indiscipline
(b) Nonpayment of dues
(c) On failing twice in the same class
(d) At any time, if the authorities are convinced that such a withdrawal is necessary in the interest of the school.
(e) Continuous absence without information for fifteen days. Helshe may be re-admitted as per the rules and the discretion, of the Principal. Students are required to secure 75% of the total attendance during a session to be eligible to appear in their Final Examination.
(f) The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding in this regard.