Vision : As the name suggests Dreamers club is helping tender minds to chase their dreams. It’s a forum where students can exchange their ideas, thoughts, values, leadership qualities, communication skills and more importantly commit mistakes and again learn from these mistakes. The objective of the club is to provide them a platform where the young minds can unleash their immense potential and sharpen their soft skills. The Club conducts various types of activities such as GROUP DISCUSSION, EXTEMPORE, DEBATE, ESSAY WRITING, SONG, MUSIC, SKIT, PAINTING, ATTITUDE BUILDING etc. to promote general awareness & HUMAN LIFE SKILLS.

Mission : This gives an immense opportunity for students to develop their ‘soft skills’ prowess which will be a great help to them in future whether it is career building or character building. This enables them to develop their ability to lead a team, make more effective communication, develop analytical skills & teamwork, handle success and failure, learn by doing, compete, cooperate and unleash their creativity etc.