Regular yoga practice can enhance one's strength, stamina, peace of mind, flexibility, and general well-being. Yoga is a subtle way to achieve the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual balance that our generation—and the time—highly require. Yoga might be the ideal supplement to the school curriculum to help kids develop holistically in the monotonous lifestyle of today. Since 2019, yoga has continued to be an essential part of our BJEM School's curriculum. We have adhered to varieties like yoga dance, yoga pyramids, yoga awareness rally, street performance, yoga exhibition, and many more in order to foster interest and acceptance among

the students

In order to give students a healthy environment for yoga practice, BJEM School has an exclusive yoga hall called Lata Mangeshkar Hall. BJEM School offers a healthy setting for yoga practice so that students can escape from their academics and enter a new realm of spirituality. By strengthening self-regulation, yoga boosts academic achievement by reducing stress and negativity. Yoga improves academic performance by enhancing self regulation which in turn mitigates stress and negativity. Meditation helps to increase concentration and enable

the students to focus on their goals. Bhagwat Gita says:

Yoga is the journey of self, through self, to the self.”